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Where to publish your work

So, you have just finished writing and correcting your first novel. You feel proud and accomplished, now what? Where do you publish it? How do you contact an established editor in the writing industry? How much will it cost to release your literary work to the public? If these concerns are overwhelming you, do not despair! All debuting authors face the same struggle. Here are a few tips that will help you determine what choices to make for your first written “baby”:

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Reach out to literary magazines

Almost every newcomer in the writing business can reveal the same disappointing first impression: there is a tiny chance that an editor will publish your debut novel without previous recommendations. Most publishing companies invest large sums of money in their products. For them, it is more about business than about literary quality. You may provide the latter, but if it lacks the appeal for possible readers, it is useless to the editor.

To maximize the chances of publishing your work, you have to make your work highly visible first. Contact a literary magazine and send a few excerpts of your novel. Speak about your intentions and inspiration behind your literary style. Once bits and pieces of your work are published, editors will have a reason to release the full extent of your novel.

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Publish your work on literature blogs

Online poetry blogs work just as fine as literary magazines. You can post excerpts of your work online and wait for reviews from the readers. Their honest testimonials will give you an idea about the quality of your work and how you can improve your style.

Contact every publishing company in the state

Now that the literary magazines and online blogs published your work, you can face the biggest challenge of your writing career so far with more chances of success. Send a copy of your novel together with the reviews you have received from your readers to all the publishing companies in your state. Now, you have a better chance to see your debut novel in bookstores and libraries.