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Paul Legault featured at this years 12th annual Juniper Literary Festival

Paul Legault

March 25, 2012

New Writers/New Writing
April 13 14, 2012
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Publishing a book nowadays has become a hassle even for experienced authors. The entire process of writing, editing and funding a single project requires an enormous amount of resources that only a few writers can access. Your best chance of seeing your work on the shelves of a prestigious bookstore is to come up with a unique, original idea. In this attempt, you can get your inspiration from real contemporary writing resources. Try browsing through numerous catalogs of unpublished stories written by small-time authors and their escorts. Here is a list of the best places where you can find the spark that shakes off your writer's block:

Online writing resources

The best resource for contemporary writing is available on the internet. Millions of writers take to the online medium to spill out their literary pieces. Some of them are published authors that post short stories and poems under anonymous names. Others try to make a name for themselves and even pay for ads aimed to popularize their works. People of all professions try their hand at creative writing quotex is legal in india, and you shouldn't be surprised if you stumble upon some romance novels written by your favorite escort.

Good old libraries

If the internet leaves you a bit dumbfounded with its enormous, chaotic collection of creating writing resources, you can try your luck in a more traditional manner. The good old libraries boast impressive selections of contemporary writers, and the best thing about them is that here they organize them in a user-friendly way. A library is not exactly the best place to take your escort to, but it might quench your thirst for contemporary writing in a single afternoon.

Escorts of contemporary authors

Some of the contemporary writers feel overwhelmed by the complex mechanism of publishing a book. Their financial difficulties contribute to a lifetime of written works that remain unpublished. Since authors share a deep fear of sharing their works with anybody but their most trusted companions, it will be hard to find their essays with anyone else than their personal escort.If you can become one of their loyal clients, you will surely get your hand on goldmines of literary inspiration.

Flea markets

Some of the lesser known contemporary writers never get a chance to sign a publishing contract with a famous editor. Therefore, their only chance is to print a small number of volumes and sell it personally in flea markets or antique stores. Ask your escorts about flea markets in your area and visit them on a Sunday morning. You will most likely find these broken down, malnourished authors in a corner selling their works at reasonable prices.

Start your literary pit

When all the alternatives above fail, you can take the matter into your hands and create a hub, or a pit for other contemporary writers to throw their works in. You can start this small collection with an online blog or a small printing business. Next, make this collection available for editors to scout for new talents. Soon, many authors and their escorts will gamble on their novels, poems, and essays to make it out of the pit Also, you can browse through a great load of unpublished material to find inspiration for your book.